Monday Children’s Book Reviews for July 6, 2015

Union City Library Blog

You may have noticed signs at the duck pond by the Union City Library saying DO NOT FEED THE WATERFOWLThere are good reasons for those signs, and very good reasons that you should obey them!

duckThe natural diet of waterfowl – ducks and geese – “include grass, seaweeds and aquatic plants, seeds and grains, insects, small fish and amphibians, worms and other invertebrates. These foods are naturally available in the correct proportion of carbohydrates and proteins, and provide the vitamins, calcium and other minerals that comprises the optimal, balanced nutrition for waterfowl.” Bread and other processed human food are heavy in carbohydrates. This can cause health problems in waterfowl, and cause the birds to lose their natural instincts for survival.

“Unnatural food sources cause ducks and other waterfowl to lay more eggs. The result is overpopulation and all the problems that accompany it. Close contact and overcrowding increases the likelihood…

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