Asylum City by Liad Shoham reviewed by guest author Barry Martin Vass

Val Penny's Book Reviews

Asylum City is an Israeli crime novel from Liad Shoham, translated from the original Hebrew by Sara Kitai. Liad Shoham is an Israeli writer and lawyer. Shoham was born on 31, December 1931 in Peta Tivka, Israel. He is Israel’s leader thriller writer. dubbed the Israeli John Grisham.

asylum cityThe scenario is that, at any given time there are tens of thousands of “asylum seekers” in Tel Aviv, Israel from the northeast African nation of Eritrea. They cannot be sent home because the regime there is so brutal that they would be killed the minute they set foot back in their homeland. And so the Israeli government, the migrant aid organizations, and the legal community are all involved in a convoluted, slow-motion dance to keep these refugees off the streets as much as possible, fed and sheltered, and then sent to another country whenever practical.

So, when an ardent young activist working with…

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