Q & A #26 Ausma Zehanat Khan – “The Unquiet Dead”

Don't Need A Diagram

Unquiet DeadA couple weeks after finishing The Unquiet Dead, a slow-burn and well-executed mystery that uses the 1995 massacre in Srebrenica as its plot seed, I opened the newspaper to read that war crimes prosecutors were moving to arrest direct participants in what National Public Radio called “Europe’s worst atrocity since World War II.”

I had learned so much from reading The Unquiet Dead that I felt sort of up-to-speed about the lingering issues and international political clouds around the slaughter. But rest assured that Ausma Zehanat Khan knows the difference between a lecture and a mystery novel—The Unquiet Dead is built as a quiet, in-control thriller first, lesson in “don’t forget” second.

The crimes, in fact, were horrible. Are horrible. How the world dealt with them at the time is fairly hard to fathom given all the other situations that have prompted “action” and “engagement” by world superpowers.

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