Electric Brae: A Modern Romance by Andrew Greig

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Andrew Greig is a Scottish author and poet who was born in Bannockburn, Scotland on 23 September 1951.  He grew up in Anstruther in Fife.  He attended The University of Edinburgh where he read Philosophy.   Greig is also a former Writing Fellow of 273eee2b8cbd507fe7e8cc3c7b242f44bc61339dGlasgow University.  He and his wife, the author Lesley Glaister now have homes in Edinburgh and Orkney.


Electric Brae: A Modern Romance is the only book written by Andrew Grieg that I have read.  It was his first novel and was published in 1992.  The book was shortlisted for the McVitie’s Prize for Scottish Writer of the Year.  The author is a critically acclaimed writer.  The Electric Brae is known locally as Croy Brae is a gravity hill in Ayrshire, Scotland, where cars appear to be drawn uphill by some mysterious attraction when in in fact the senstion is an optical illusion.   The term ‘Electric’ dates…

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