Seasons at Home


Seasons at Home
I love to visit the woods in spring
            With creatures all a-hive,
            So nature wakes and sings with joy
            And all the world’s alive.
            I love to visit the sea in summer
            To breathe the salt-kissed sky.
            To see the gulls wheel overhead
            And hear their piercing cry.
            I love to visit the meadow in autumn
            And see the harvest here.
            To sense the earth snug down to sleep
            Soil blankets over her.
            I love to visit the hills in winter,
            The crunch of diamond snow.
            The whistling wind so wild and free
            That sets the skin aglow.
            I love to live here by the coast
            With every scent and sound.
            The life of seasons as they roll
            Miriad riches all around.

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