Robert Burns


Robert Burns

Robert Burns was born in Alloway about two miles south of Ayr, in South-west Scotland on January 1, 1759. His parents, Agnes Broun and William Burnes(s) were poor. They were a tenant farmers who, like traditional Scots, greatly valued education. They did their best to ensure Robert got a good education.

They hired a tutor and William also educated Robert himself. Robert was also an avid reader. He was familiar with traditional tales and local folk lore about devils, witches, warlocks brownies and fairies.

Most of Robert’s early poetry was written so that it could be sung to traditional Scottish tunes.

When he was 18 the family move to a larger farm in Lochlie but the hard physical work of the farm took its toll on Robert. He developed his interests in poetry, nature, drink and women which remained his passions throughout his life.

He spent some time…

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